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Why industrial photochemistry?

      为了加快反应从而提高生产效率,大量的化学反应是在 100 ~ 250 °C进行, 可是在这样的温度下, 分解过程已经开始, 由此引起产率的损失和产生副产品。
A large number of chemical reactions are carried out at temperatures between 100 and 250 °C in order to achieve a fast reaction and thus high productivity. At these temperatures, however, decomposition processes already start with corresponding losses in yield and undesired by-products.  

      在催化剂的帮助下, 即使在较低的温度下也能起动反应, 但运行成本比较高。
With the help of catalysts, reactions can be activated even at lower temperatures, but are expensive to procure and to handle.  

      光化学提供了另一种漂亮的替代方法,并允许新的合成。 不用热和催化剂, 而是用光能触发反应,这样的反应通常在低于100 °C, 时常甚至在常温条件下进行, 采用这种工艺, 分解反应或副产品的产生可降至最低或根本不产生。
Photochemistry offers an elegant alternative and allows new syntheses. Not heat or catalysts, but the energy of light activates the reaction, which can then take place at temperatures well below 100 °C and often even at room temperature. By this process, decomposition or by-products are reduced to a minimum or do not arise at all.  

      采用光而不是热,这种原理可用于很多种产品的合成, 如:氯化、磺化、磺化氧化或亚硝基化
Light instead of heat, this principle can be applied to a variety of syntheses such as chlorinations, sulfonations, sulfoxidations or nitrosylations.

The turnkey EKATO-photoreactor

        EKATO带搅拌的光反应器由光能触发合成反应, 先进的搅拌技术确保反应器内很高的循环量。 这种新的搅拌反应器的概念对于含有液体、气体和固体的多相反应是相当理想的。这种反应器的光源浸入在液体中, 操作安全, 兼顾了高效和灵活性。反应器容积至50 m³的设计已经过实际验证, 我们的专家还可以作进一步的安全放大。
The stirred photoreactor from EKATO allows syntheses by the energy of light and an advanced stirring technique which ensures high circulation rates in the reactor. The concept of this new stirred reactor is ideal for multiphase reactions involving liquids, gases and solids. It combines high productivity and flexibility with the safe operation of immersed light sources. Reactors up to 50 m³ are realized with this proven design and a safe scale-up by our specialists enables further reactor sizes.

紫外线光源 - 安全操作
The UV light sources - safe operation


        光源是经ATEX安全认证的水银蒸汽或LED灯组件, 这光源是由我们的合作方 Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH (工业领域紫外光源全球专家)提供。
The light sources are ATEX-certified mercury vapor or LED lamp modules, which we obtain via our cooperation partner, Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH (the global expert in the field of industrial UV light sources).

        紫外光源组件安装在有保护作用的石英玻璃管内, 石英玻璃管由容器顶上的管口插入, 通过上面的管口与电源和冷却系统相连。 浸入液体的紫外灯泡的功率有5~60 kW, 因此玻璃管内需要冷却, 不然光源会由于表面高温而损坏。 工业上使用的光反应器通常配备有4~20根这样的玻璃管。
The UV light modules are housed in protection tubes made of quartz glass, which are inserted through nozzles in the top of the vessel, where they are also connected to the power supply and the cooling system. These UV immersion lamps have a power of 5 - 60 kW. Therefore, a cooling within the glass tube is required, otherwise the sensitive molecules can be damaged by high surface temperatures. Industrial reactors are equipped with 4 to 20 of such glass tubes.

        安装有光源的玻璃管在带搅拌的容器中将经受流体力和热应力,这种条件下, 将紫外灯稳妥地安装进反应器中, 是一个特别的挑战。
The glass tubes with their light sources are exposed to hydraulic and thermal loads in the stirred vessel. A particular challenge in this case is secure mounting of the UV immersion lamps on the reactor.

        EKATO开发了特殊的固定装置,并取得专利,该装置确保容器内的元器件在任务操作条件下不出现超过允许的应力和振动。即使最不可能发生的象玻璃管泄漏这种情况, 危险的物料马上被检测到, 且不会通过电或冷却通道流出容器。 在EKATO技术中心,这些设计的可靠性经受了各种的测试, 并在许多项目中得到了充分的验证。  
Special holders developed and patented by EKATO to ensure that in any operating condition impermissible stresses or vibrations will not occur in the component. Dangerous reactants are detected immediately even in the unlikely event of a glass breakage and do not reach the outside via the electrical connections or the cooling. In EKATO’s technical center the reliability of these designs was investigated by tests and it has been comprehensively confirmed in numerous operational assignments.


搅拌系统 - 需要高的循环速率
The agitator system - high circulation rates required

        紫外线辐射只有轻度地穿透进物料, 所以这种反应器的搅拌混合系统是单独特别设计的,可以确保大的循环量, 从而保证反应物料流动经过光源的情况最佳。
The UV radiation penetrates only slightly into the product. The mixing system is individually tailored to the reactions and ensures through the high circulation rates that the reactants are optimally transported to the light sources.

        EKATO组合加气桨叶系统, 带有自吸式涡轮桨, 用于加气的应用, 如氯化工艺。 气体的反应物如Cl2, O2 或 SO2被高效地分散在液体中, 从而达到最大的传质以实现高的时空产量。
The EKATO Combined Gassing System with its self-priming turbine is used for gassed application such as chlorination processes. Gaseous reactants such as Cl2, O2 or SO2 are efficiently dispersed to achieve maximum mass transfer for high space-time yields.

        固体的均匀分散(如聚合物)和反应器内热量的扩散也是反应器和搅拌机设计中的一个重要的挑战, EKATO光反应器完美地解决了这些技术问题。
The homogeneous distribution of solids (e.g. Polymers) and the dissipation of the heat of reaction are also an important challenge when designing the vessel and agitator. This is optimally solved by the EKATO photoreactor.

        当使用危险品物料(如氯气) 时, 密封和安全的问题是最高优先级的, 这是需要重点关注的大局问题。
When using hazardous substances, e.g. Chlorine gas, questions about the sealing and safety concept are at the top of the list of priorities. It is important to keep an eye on the big picture.

        搅拌机轴与大气环境间的密封是一个操作安全的关键点。 EKATO采用自己生产制造的特殊的双端面或三端面机械密封, 或磁力驱动。
The sealing of the agitator shaft to the atmosphere is a key element for operational safety. EKATO uses special double-acting or triple-acting mechanical seals or even magnetic drives from our own production.

        EKATO光化学反应器可以由多种材料制造, 常用的材料有:钢涂陶瓷、不锈钢、镍基材料或钛
EKATO photoreactors can be manufactured from numerous material variants. Common materials are: enameled steel, stainless steels, Ni-base materials or titanium.


Overall responsibility as your single-source supplier

        从方案到工程再到制造和组装:我们提供光化学反应器工业应用的全套服务, 作为反应器唯一的供应方, 我们承担了项目各个阶段的全部责任。在搅拌反应器设计和制造方面特殊的专有技术和多年的经验, 使我们成为了您得力的合作伙伴——光化学生产装置从概念到装置开车、生产。
From consulting and engineering to production and assembly: We offer all services related to stirred photochemical reactors for industrial applications. As a single-source supplier, EKATO takes the overall responsibility to manage your project through all project phases. Special know-how and many years of experience in the design and delivery of stirred reactors make us a competent partner - from the idea to the commissioning of a photochemical production plant. 

From the laboratory to the turnkey production reactor

        光化学工艺过程从实验室到生产的转换需要深度的跨学科的化学、物理和工程方面的知识,在带搅拌的光化学反应器行业, EKATO综合了这些分布在各个领域的专家智慧, 为客户提供全面的能胜任的咨询。

The transfer of photochemical processes from laboratory to production requires in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in chemistry, physics and engineering. EKATO bundles the knowledge, which is very widely distributed in the individual fields of expertise, and offers comprehensive and competent consulting in the field of stirred photochemical reactors.  


Our range of services includes

  • Photochemical process consulting 光化学工艺过程的咨询
  • Physical and fluid dynamics simulation and calculation 物理的和流体动力学的模拟和计算
  • Performing optical measurements 进行光学的测量
  • Tests in laboratory scale and pilot reactors (5 liter and 50 Liter) 实验室规模和中试装置的试验 (5 L 和50 L)
  • Scale-up and process engineering reactor design 工程放大和工艺工程反应器设计
  • Reactor modeling by state-of-the-art CAE methods (CFD, FEM) 用现代的CAE方法对反应器建立模型
  • Reactor engineering 反应器的工程设计
  • Delivery of the turnkey photochemical reactor 光化学反应器制造交货和交钥匙工程
  • Installation and commissioning 安装和调试、开车

Our customer promise

从光化学反应器的概念到生产装置的过程中, 我们的目标是持续地为客户服务, 成为技术开发的合作伙伴和系统集成商。 作为整个光化学反应器单一的供应商, 我们为每个客户的工艺承担从设计到整体交货的全部职责。
Our aim is to consistently support our customers as a development partner and system integrator on the way from the idea to the photochemical production plant. As a single-source supplier, we assume overall responsibility for the design and delivery of the best reactor system for each individual customer process.

我们将与客户完美合作以减少工作中的摩擦和成本。 光化学生产装置项目我们将为客户提供专人的一点式联络方式。
Everything works together perfectly to reduce friction losses and costs. We reduce the interfaces of our customers when planning a photochemical production plant to one point of contact.



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